As you already may know, YOU, our members and fans are the reason for our existence. YOU are our biggest moral support and creators of our success. YOU are our best player on the parquet, but also our biggest financial support. YOU are guarantors of our future and sustainability.

Futsal Dinamo started a campaign called “Blue Patron” to become a fully self-sustainable club; ndependent of external influences, natural disasters, pandemics, economic crises and from the moodiness of external companies to financially support our story.

During the “Blue Patron” campaign, every individual, every group of supporters, every neighbourhood or city crew, every restaurant and every company of firm which donates 1.500 HRH (~200 EUR) during one calendar year will receive;

  • personalized “Blue Patron” Futsal Dinamo player’s jersey from the current season with donator’s number on one sleeve and little letter “d” with the year of the donation on another sleeve,
  • season ticket for the current season (for donators in 2020 the season ticket is valid for 2020/21 season)
  • your name (if individual, group or company wants it) on a physical “wall” placed in our home arena’s hallway,
  • your name (if individual, group or company wants it) on a virtual “wall” on our web-page,
  • invitation for two persons on donator’s dinner at the end of each calendar year.

In less than a month since the beginning of the campaign, 77 Blu Patrons joined the Club. 70 of them decided to put their name on the Blue Wall.

With this campaign, YOU, our members and supporters, will enable your club the financial and any other type of independence from external factors that can be ruthless even to much richer clubs – thing we all witnessed these last few months.

Futsal Dinamo has survived the actual crises and we will survive all future ones. This is all thanks to YOU – club’s fans, members and owners.

“Blue Patrons” can enable us to finish the current season in peace, with maximum focus on playoffs. But also that during the Summer break we acquire some capital signings.

After you donate a minimal amount of 1.500 HRK / ~200EUR (donations can be made in one, two or three instalments) on account number HR4723600001501850718 (Model: 00; Reference number: 062020; SWIFT: ZABAHR2X; Description of payment: Donation – BLUE PATRON), you can contact us on [email protected] or in the inbox on our social media channels with your payment’s details to receive your personalized jersey, season ticket and to let us know if you want your name on physical and virtual walls. 

For all of you who want to support our club in a different way, you can do so by applying for the membership, buying some of our fine merchandise, by active sponsorship, enrolling to our futsal academy or by joining us at our home matches.

Thank you once again, because….

You are Dinamo!